We strengthen our future by protecting our past.

Careful market and business analysis are allowing OIB to make hard choices, properly allocate resources, leverage opportunities, and most important, make better use of our natural and community advantages to be even more competitive.

Based on current and forecasted market conditions, the Osoyoos Indian Band Development Corporation (OIBDC) expects revenues to reach $36.1M by 2022.  In five short years, we also expect to employ 138 members with 20% of these occupying senior positions. 

By investing more heavily in companies and ventures that have a competitive advantage, OIBDC will earn our community greater investment returns, and will employ our members in rewarding jobs and careers.  In this, tourism and land leasing will be key.

OIB has a powerful story to share and an eager audience that has never been more interested in listening.  Digital technology and strategic partnerships will allow us to share our culture in our own way and to make sure the emotional power of our stories touch prospective visitors and investors around the globe, so that they understand the experience we have to offer and take even greater interest in doing business with our people.

Organizational excellence has also never been more important in supporting the achievement of our goals.  As proud members of the Okanagan Nation, OIBDC employs top professionals and experts. Making sure that our human resource practices attract, nurture and keep the best talent is a top priority.  We will always operate at the speed of business so making sure that we make best use of technology to improve the efficiency of our operations will be another important task.

Our success has always hinged on strong business partnerships.  Building strategic partnerships with leaseholders and fully engaging in the tourism partner network will make sure that our track-record for winning continues for generations to come.


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