We’re committed to your success.

At OIB, we pride ourselves on dealing fairly, following business best practices and cutting through the red-tape. Our professional team is ready to work with you, listen to your idea and explore the best options to suit.

Let’s find your next business address.

Our land leasing process provides business partners with the transparency, security and certainty that your business needs. It all starts with a site visit where a knowledgeable member of our team will show you the best land options that fit your requirements.

We want to hear about your great ideas.

Based on the land option(s) you choose from your site visit, we’ll send you information about servicing hookups, utilities and taxes, so you can make an informed decision.  Once you’re clear on your concept and land use, we welcome you to make a presentation to the OIBDC executive team so they’re able to provide quick feedback on your early development plans.  If plans are well received, you’ll be invited to submit a formal letter of interest together with a concept plan so both can be presented to the band council who are responsible for signalling the band’s official support for the land use concept.  With this formal support in hand, developers will be asked to provide a standard initial deposit to share in the cost of surveying and securing the land designation.

Community support makes for healthier business partnerships.

All developers know that community support is crucial to long-term success, and your success is a top priority for us.  Like any community, we invite band members to provide feedback on your proposed land use plans. This outreach could involve standard community consultations and/or meetings.  With strong community support in place, zoning through the land designation phase can begin.

Our rates are fair and competitive.

Once the land designation has been granted, a land value appraisal is done to establish the base lease rate.  Annual lease rates are reviewed every five years. A service agreement is also struck for water, sewer and power, hookups, etc..  Service rates are based on those of neighbouring municipalities to ensure our rates are competitive and fair. Payments are due annually.  Once plans are set and all leasing documents are signed, the construction phase can begin. OIB prides itself on the highest standards of safety and quality, so construction must meet BC building codes.

We think the Osoyoos Indian Band is very progressive, and they’ve been very supportive of everything that we’ve done here. I know it’s going to mutually benefit us all and our business is going to grow together.

Daniel Bibby, Executive Director

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